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Lightning Creek Cattle Company! 


Our mission is the same now as it was three decades ago when the Lightning Creek herd originated:  to use low-impact, earth-friendly methods to produce healthy beef for people to eat.


We raise and finish our beeves naturally on grass. Lightning Creek cattle graze year around.  (The only time Lightning Creek cattle are penned for any length of time is during the stressful period that follows weaning – no feedlots for us or our cattle!)  We practice rotational grazing to maintain the health of our pastures.  We have never injected hormones, and we’ve never followed the usual feedlot practice of feeding “therapeutic” levels of antibiotics as part of a ration.  We choose bulls for easy, unassisted calving.


Instead, we handle cattle according to nature’s dictates in a low-stress, horseback method that’s been proven for years to be the quietest, most effective way. 


Lightning Creek is headquartered on the Wayne and Stanton county line, but to insure the cattle stay on grass – and out of the feedlot – our pastures are scattered throughout Northeast and North Central Nebraska.





Lightning Creek Cattle Company
JV Brummels & David Tobias
321 Logan Street

Wayne City, NE, 68787

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